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Wednesday Night Art.

First Night Monterey

Students and other groups all over Monterey County participated in the "Posts for Peace and Justice" project, led by Kira Carrillo Corser.

For more information please look at the website: Posts for Peace and Justice/Creative Voices for Change.

p.s. arts family engagement night at mary chapa academy

The second job is easier; we aren't standing in traffic.

Students explore the intersection of mehanics and art.

Nina Parris


Students investigate number groups, world indigenous cultures, narrative, shapes and symmetry through art.

arts integration at mary chapa academy

   P.S.Arts "is dedicated to improving the lives of children by providing high-quality arts education to California's underserved schools and communities".

  This is a Family Engagement Night, facilitated by P.S.Arts. Mary Chapa students and their families gathered in the school cafeteria to do an art project: "Hidden Colors".

First, the design.

The wildlife begin to appear...

All Art, all summer long.

  The student's task was to create a piece of public art to inspire conservation of the Oceans. The City of Monterey graciously offered them some utility boxes to improve. The team chose "The Open Sea" as a theme and set about deciding what features to include and what scale would work on the surface of the box. They made a preliminary drawing and presented it to the City Council for approval. With approval granted, the students made stencils of the animals to be included in the painting and primed the boxes.

  The painting process took place on a triangular right-of -way in the middle of a main thoroughfare in downtown Monterey. We had lengthy safety briefing and donned the yellow vests when at work.

posts for peace and justice


The City of Monterey was pleased with the work and provided another box to beautify. This time there was no review process; the students just decided to put up a kelp forest illustration and went for it. They spent an hour drawing kelp on paper and then free-handed it on to the boxes. The fishes and invertebrates were researched on-site by phone.

Projects for First Night Monterey's New Year's Eve Celebration.

These were a collaboration: conceived by First Night Executive Director, Ellen Martin, designed by me and completed with the assistance of numerous volunteers.

firsT night monterey summer art camp

Then the under-painting.

Alisal High school engineering academy automata project

monterey bay aquarium student oceanography club painting utility boxes